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HP Quality Center Defect Assignee Report free report

The Defect Assignee report makes every bug triage meeting a breeze. Whether you are a QA/Development manager, team lead, or product release manager, you can see exactly who has the load, how serious the distributed and backlog bug counts are, and where to go from here.

Ultimately, how smoothly a product is released and how well the entire process performs is not a question of individual leadership, a programmerís mastery of code, or a single testerís ability to discover severe defects. In almost all cases, the trade-off is between Time, Scope, and Quality and inevitably Time is a static factor while others shift around the team in disadvantageous and unexpected ways.

A managerís goal, then is being as efficient as possible with task distribution, assigning just the right number of bugs to each developer to fix in the time available. Additionally, it is important to adjust the task load fluidly as some bugs are fixed Ė real life is hardly ever predictable enough for a linear estimate of an individualís performance.

This is exactly where the Defect Assignee report comes in handy. You can see every team memberís unresolved bugs, sorted by severity, and showing percentage of distribution. The report also shows unverified bugs per engineer. This is an indicator of cross-team efficiency; how many of the fixed bugs have been verified by QA Ė a large number may indicate a problem further in the chain of responsibility and resolving that is just as important for a productís overall health.

The Defect Assignee report also includes a by-severity pie chart that shows just how serious the current batch of bugs is - no report is complete without some pretty graphics to look at, of course!

The Defect Assignee report is included in our Free HP Quality Center Report pack.

Defect Assignee report

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