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Support Package

We provide support packages which allow you to receive report updates on regular basis. The support package includes SQL Reporting Services Report Pack that helps you to manage report server email subscriptions and monitor report execution statistics.

Questions and Answers

How do these reports work?
Our reports need to be deployed on a report server that is based on MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS 2008 or later). The report server connects to the HP QC database directly (using read-only database account), extracts data, and generates the reports. The reports deployed on a report server can be viewed and printed by managers and team members using a web-browser. You may find high-level info about our reports here.

How to receive the reports by email?
You may create an email subscription for any report we are offering using Report Manager - a tool that is part of SQL Server Reporting Services. Microsoft SQL Server Standard or Enterprise edition is required for Email and File Share Delivery feature. You may learn about SQL Server Editions and choose the one you need based on the feature set from here: SQL Server Editions
Note: Express edition of MS SQL Server supports only this configuration: HP QC backed by MS SQL Server database.

How to install HP QC reports?
Please review the installation instructions.

Can reports be run without logging into QC and using up a license?
Yes, our reports work without logging into HP Quality Center and they don't use any HP Quality Center license. The report server connects to the HP Quality Center database directly to generate our reports using the latest data committed to the HP QC database.

Do you support branding reports?
Yes, we do. We may insert your company logo in the report headers, as well as make all other necessary adjustments.


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