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We offer quality reports used for software development and QA-oriented tools such as Bugzilla and HP ALM Quality Center. Our reporting solutions can save you up to 500% of your time on planning and reporting tasks.

Review existing reports on our website or contact us to order custom-built reports for your specific business requirements.

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HP QC, Bugzilla, SSRS

Our latest news:
  • Q4, 2016   New HP ALM/QC 1.62 report pack has been released. Extended DefectTriage, DefectAging, TestLabSteps; multiple minor fixes, improvements. Thanks for your feature requests!
  • Q2, 2016   Converted Defect Aging report to support both SQL Server and Oracle.
  • Q1, 2015   Released unique Defect Aging report.
  • Q4, 2014   Extended Defect Triage report with new parameters.
  • Q3, 2014   Coming soon: Defect Aging report.
  • Q2, 2014   Released QC report pack 1.60. Introduce custom field support.
  • Q1, 2014   Our QC reports work with ALM 12! Check config steps.
  • Q1, 2014   Extended Catalog View report to show sub-report association. Download new version of SSRS report pack 1.2.
  • Q3, 2013   Released new version of QC report pack 1.58 with six most popular reports including unique Test Lab report.
  • Q2, 2013   Our unique Bugzilla report now works with Bugzilla 4!
  • Q1, 2013   Released QC free report pack 1.56 with 5 reports. The pack includes multiple improvements and bug fixes.
  • Q1, 2013   Now we officially support SSRS 2012!
  • Q4, 2012   Performed usability study. Thanks for all the feedback!
  • Q2, 2012   Published HP QC Report Pack Installation Guide.
  • Q1, 2012   Download updated HP QC Free report pack v1.54.
  • Q1, 2012   We redesigned our SSRS reports. Try three new reports!
  • Q4, 2011   We extended our free report pack with new reports! Get five high quality reports for HP Quality Center for free.
  • Q3, 2011   Shared one report for SSRS report server management.
  • Q2, 2011   Converted reports to support both MS SQL 2008 Reporting Services (SSRS) and SSRS 2008 R2!
  • Q1, 2011   Introduced the report deployment utility. It makes the report deployment and upgrade as easy as running one command.
  • Q4, 2010   Converted reports to support HP QC 9, 10, and 11.
  • Q3, 2010   We released HP QC Standard report pack.


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What is your QA/dev ratio?
Survey shows most QE teams are often understaffed (1 QA per 3 devs): QA/developers ratio distribution in software development, 2011

What QA tool do you use most?
86% - HP ALM Quality Center
11% - Bugzilla
  3% - Other (XStudio, Silk Central, etc.)

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