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Our Reports

Our reports help to analyze and improve every phase of the software development and testing processes. The reports summarize and present the data stored in your tool's database; so it is easy to analyze current status, history of a team activity and a project progress. Our reports can help you to track:
  • Bugs, defects, issues and tickets
  • Test case development and execution status. Test case priority overview.
  • Requirement coverage
  • Testing Regression reduction
  • Team activity, efficiency and project progress
  • Risk analysis
  • Bug Triage process
  • Deferred defects
  • Trend analysis and comparison of different projects
  • Regression time planning
  • Quality Index
Each report that we built addresses a set of related problems that every software development and testing project has. Therefore, our reports have clear layout with no more than necessary data to analyze the problem; it is easy to read, understand and analyze. You may find a few fully functional report examples with screenshots here to see how our reports could fit your needs.


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