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HP Quality Center Test Plan Execution Status Report free report

The Test Plan Execution Status report gives a multi-layered view of the test plan as your team tests the product. Whether you are a director who needs a big-picture percentage of failed tests or a team leader managing individual test results, youíll find what you need here.

It happens every-so-often to the best of us Ė we walk into a room and completely forget why we wanted to be there. While some would blame old age, sclerosis, or distraction, I have a different theory: The overabundance of choice. Like the proverbial kid in a candy store, I find that having the opportunity to see or do anything, my mind shuts down to produce nothing of use. So it is with reporting Ė a seemingly simple task can be overwhelmingly complex when given nigh-unlimited options.

A simple demonstration, then: When you want to see your test plan in progress of execution, a view to current standing status of your test cases, what criteria do you pick? Do you choose to see the highest level folders or digging down to the individual case? Do you display your data in relative percentages of the total sum, or absolute values? What can give other managers a better perspective on your teamís progress, a single lump status indicator per functional area or specific, color-coded alerts per failed test in a given use-case? If your eyes are glossing over by now, believe me, I feel your pain.

I also feel optimism, because with the Test Plan Execution Status report, these questions can be answered any way you need. Itís as simple as choosing one of a couple of easy options, and you can see your test case execution each way. Want to see percentage of failed test cases in an area? Done. Bright, easy-to-read colors for those decision-a-minute executive meetings? A button-push away. Remember what I said about overabundance? This report has everything you need and nothing you donít.

The Test Plan Execution Status report is included in our Free HP Quality Center Report pack.

Test Plan Execution Status report

This report example shows detailed list of tests in the selected folder:

Test Plan Execution Status report

This example shows a high level summary for tests with the "Ready" status:

Test Plan Execution Status report

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